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A Brief Insight Into Biblical Baby Names

on Fri, 01/01/2016 - 12:49

Many cultures and traditions exist in the world we live in. Every religion we follow has its very own set of rules and regulations. Our origin and place of birth plays a very vital role in our lives as we grow up. After we welcome the bundle of joy into our hearts and home, the very first occasion is the naming ceremony. Many of us are very keen in selecting the names much before the baby arrives in our lives. Such is the excitement and importance of a baby in our lives.

As we know, each one is identified by their name. Their origin, the history behind their name, its roots, its source and if there exists a story then all of us are keen to listen and know about it in detail. This is the importance of the name we possess. Many around the world prefer to name their newborns with biblical names, this is due to the impact of the religion we follow, our belief system and the values we stand by or just by the fact we love to call the name frequently.

It is not a safe option to name a child based on biblical names if you are a random reader, because one needs to know the depth of the name and the meaning it has before naming the child. It is considered as the best option available, if you are a sincere follower and have immense faith and unfathomable belief in God, the savior.

There are some common yet popular names we found from across the seas as the most used biblical names chosen for babies. Though some names are used all over the globe, there is a difference in the pronunciation and spelling according to the regions where it is used. When it comes to following names from the bible, one has the liberty to follow Hebrew, Greek Latin versions of it. The roots could be the same, but there are differences only because of the language followed in the place you live.

Abraham is one such name which is famous and much suited for babies and sincere followers of Lincoln legacy and many other rulers of many nations. The name is originated from Hebrew and it possesses the meaning as follows: The bearer of this name will be the father of many nations. By the word of the lord, according the Bible, God promised that children bearing this name will be future leaders. The same name is nick named as Abe.

Jacob is another famous name since ancient times. With its origin from the Hebrew language, it is derived from Yahweh which means God and Aqeb which means heel. So the bearer of this name will be the one to follow after the god himself. According to the bible, Esau was born before Jacob and Jacob is said to have held Esau’s heel. The name is gaining its popularity again since its olden golden times. According to the place the same name can be spelt in different ways like Jake, Jakub, etc.

We all have heard of the name Samuel, though it’s a common name, it is a very special name. This name is also originated from the Hebrew language and possesses the meaning, the one who is able to hear God. As we break down this name in Hebrew, we would find that Shama means to hear and El as we all know is the almighty. So naming your child Sammy or Sam would be ideal as the name is in trend and has a lovely meaning attached to it.

Of course, this has only looked at boy names but there are also some lovely Biblical girl names.

Our name is our right and makes us who we are.